Bed design by Vermont Furniture Designs

High-Quality Bed Furniture

Vermont Furniture Designs Creates Solid Hardwood Beds

Vermont Furniture Designs crafts handmade heirloom furniture in Winooski, VT for customers in and around Burlington, VT. Each of our exquisite beds consists of 100% solid wood – never plywood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), or particle board. We are highly selective of the lumber we use, ensuring the most consistent color and grain for our custom handmade wood furniture. We finish each exquisite piece with an oil and wax compound to highlight the richness, depth, and grain of our hardwood. To ensure that your bed frames match the style and aesthetic of your room, we provide a host of options from which to choose.

Visit Vermont Furniture Designs' Showroom in Winooski, VT

The experienced craftsmen that craft our heirloom furniture takes pride in creating remarkable hardwood beds for Burlington, VT residents. We use the highest-quality wood and exercise extreme precision and care to ensure the beauty and durability of each piece of bed furniture we produce. To see our beds for yourself, stop by our showroom in Winooski, VT. Our friendly staff will explain each bed in detail, describing the wood, construction, finish, and more. Visit us today.

All of our beds are 100% solid wood. No plywood, MDF, or particle board used – EVER!